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>From: Ohly, Patrick

>Sent: 200991 16:05

>To: Zheng, Yanshuang

>Cc: Zhang, Jingke; Ou, Guannan; Pan, Weibin; Wang, Ning W; SyncEvolution

>Subject: Re: [SyncEvolution] sync - Attributes mapping with servers



>Yanshuang, can you help us get started with this by attaching test cases

>to the report? I'm looking for the item data as sent by the servers;

>this is part of the sysynclib_linux.html logs, visible after unfolding

>with the "+++" symbol at the top of the file.

Sure, I will get these cases from log and share with all.


>> [Scheduleworld]


>> Facebook ID, Google talk, Skype, Net meeting, Gizmo, Twitter, LDAP

>> server, calCAPURI, calCalAdrURI, calOtherCalURI, calOtherFBURLs,

>> calOtherCAPURIs, calOtherCalAdrURIs;


>What are these cal* properties?

Not know what exactly they are, sounds like personal calendar related with this contact. Not so popular yet.


>> [Funambol]


>> Missed:


>> N/A


>Not applicable because the server supports so few fields that Evolution

>doesn't miss any of them?

Yeah… J