Hello Patrick!

Ok now I force for SyncEvolution to not respond date with UTC.
"DTEND:20060406T163000Z" will be "DTEND:20060406T183000".
Is it OK for you ?


Le 23/01/2012 12:34, Patrick Ohly a écrit :
Hello Thomas!

I'm looking at another SyncEvolution test failure:


In this case, the item was sent from the right-hand side (client B) to
the server and from there imported into the left-hand side (client A).
On the server the time was converted from UTC into floating time.

Can you remind me in which cases the Memotoo server is doing that

I'm not seeing that conversion in all cases. It does not happen for:
- user pohly: sc-pim-ppc -> sc-api-nat and vice-versa
- user syncevolution: sc-api-A -> sc-api-B

It does happen for:
- user syncevolution: sc-api-B -> sc-api-A (the failure above)

As far as I remember it, Memotoo always converts from UTC except in
detached recurrences. So I'm more surprised about not seeing this
failure in all cases than I am about seeing it failing ;-}