In the compatibility section on syncevolution's website, you wrote :

Of the servers listed here, SyncEvolution is regularly tested with ScheduleWorld, Funambol, Google and Synthesis server, so, the information about known problems with them is also more detailed. Not listing problems with other servers does not mean they do not exist... If you have tested with a server not listed here or would like to add further information, then your updates to this page, sent to email, are highly appreciated.
so I would like to talk about the Memotoo server.

I didn't see any problems concerning the todos, memos, or addressbook (just a few modifications during sync for the contacts phone numbers (none->home/work)).

A few days ago, I tried to synchronize my calendar that way, under Debian Lenny :

    syncml native client      syncevolution (0.9.2+1.0beta2a-2)
N79 <-----------------> Memotoo <-------------------> Evolution (
            two-way                          two-way

It seems that there is a problem about detached recurrences. I read your article on this subject, and to be fair, I'm not an expert, but I run some tests on my workstation and here is what I found :
- a detached recurrence on the N79 is well synchronized with Memotoo. There is no duplicate.
- a detached recurrence on the Memotoo is well synchronized with the N79. There is no duplicate.
- a detached recurrence on Memotoo is duplicated on Evolution but not on Memotoo, even after resync.
- a detached recurrence on Evolution is duplicated on Memotoo but not on Evolution, even after resync.

I think it's a conflict problem but I don't know how to resolve it. >From what I've heard, it seems that the events modifications are not time stamped, so syncevolution has no means to discover which one is to save and which one should be deleted, so it creates duplicates not to loose data. But I don't know. Actually, I almost never modify the same event with the two clients before synchronizing. Maybe the events aren't the same anyway, maybe it's because of syncevolution, or maybe evolution (too old version ?).

It's a bit disturbing because I have a lot of professional meetings and after each one I wrote systematically a description about it. I also modify or cancel some regularly, which means I end with a lot of duplicates.

So I would be pleased if you help me (and maybe others) to solve this problem. But I know you're a busy guy.


Ahmed Guellil
Nantes, France