tpm2-tools release candidate version 4.2-RC0 is published at https://github.com/tpm2-software/tpm2-tools/releases/tag/4.2-RC0.

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Changelog/ Updates:

# 4.2-RC0 - 2020-03-12

 * tpm2_createek: Drop the unused -p or --ek-auth option

 * tpm2_policyor: List of policy files should be specified as an argument
   instead of -l option. The -l option is still retained for backwards
   compatibility. See issue#1894.

 * tpm2\_eventlog: add a tool for parsing and displaying the event log.

 * tpm2_createek: Fix an issue where the `template` option looked for args

 * tpm2_hierarchycontrol: Fixed bug where tool operation failed silently

 * tpm2_nvdefine: Fixed an issue where text output suggested failures as passes

 * tpm2_certify: Add an example usage in man page

 * tpm2_policyor: Fix a bug where tool failed silently when no input were given

 * tpm2_getekcertificate: Intel (R) PTT EK cert web portal is set as default address

 * tpm2_alg_util.c: Fix a bug where string rsa3072 was not parsed

 * .ci/download-deps.sh: Change tss dependency to 2.4.0 to acquire SAPI handles for cpHash calculations

 * tpm2_policycphash: Add a tool to implement enhanced authorization with cpHash of a command

 * Add option to tools to enable cpHash outputs

 * tpm2_import: Fix an issue where the imported key always required to have a policy

 * tpm2_policysecret: Fix an issue where authorization model was fixed to password only

 * Feature API (FAPI) tools added. These additional set of tools implement utilities
   using the FAPI which was added to the tpm2-tss v2.4.0:
   tss2_decrypt, tss2_encrypt, tss2_list, tss2_changeauth, tss2_delete,
   tss2_import, tss2_getinfo, tss2_createkey, tss2_createseal, tss2_exportkey,
   tss2_getcertificate, tss2_getplatformcertificates, tss2_gettpmblobs,
   tss2_getappdata, tss2_setappdata, tss2_setcertificate, tss2_sign,
   tss2_verifysignature, tss2_verifyquote, tss2_createnv, tss2_nvextend,
   tss2_nvincrement, tss2_nvread, tss2_nvsetbits, tss2_nvwrite,
   tss2_getdescription, tss2_setdescription, tss2_pcrextend, tss2_quote,
   tss2_pcrread, tss2_authorizepolicy, tss2_exportpolicy, tss2_import,
   tss2_provision, tss2_getrandom, tss2_unseal, tss2_writeauthorizenv

 * tpm2_policycountertimer: Fix an issue where operandB array was reversed causing faulty comparisons.

Thanks and Regards,

Imran Desai