Hi All,

Ubuntu16.04 with the kernel 4.16.2:

I use a spi port2 with a FIFO TPM2.0 and  two flash on the spi port 0/1.

First, I unload drivers of spi controller and test the TPM2.0 (built-in tpm_tis.o)

#tpm2_abrmd –tcti=”device:/dev/tpm0” –allow-root &



And I can use tpm2-tools to test and it is normal .


Then I load spi controller driver, and test /dev/mtd0 at spi port0 that can work well.

But when I run the commad  “tpm2_nvlist” , it shows a error.


ERROR: Tss2_Sys_GetCapability(0x97) –tpm: handle(unk): incorrect structure tag

ERROR: Unable to run tpm2_nvlist



tpm2-tss 2.1.0

Tpm2-abrmd 2.0.3_rc0

Tpm2-tools 3.0.2


Best regards,

Sherry Zhang


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