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List Description
ACAT Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit
Advisories [no description available]
AMB Automotive Message Broker
audio-latency-tools Tools to measure cold/continuous audio latency in Android and Chrome systems
BITS Mailing list for the BIOS Implementation Test Suite (BITS)
cc-devel Clear Containers Development
Celadon Android on Intel Architecture
cephperformance Focus on Ceph Performance results.
chipsec CHIPSEC Discussion List
citopen-devel This is a list of subscribers for our OpenCIT solution to keep in touch regarding product support, users questions and contributions and product notifications.
Clear-Sans Clear Sans is a versatile OpenType font for screen, print, and Web.
Cloudwpa [no description available]
connman ConnMan is a daemon for managing Internet connections within embedded devices
dLeyna DLNA middleware components
dps-for-iot [no description available]
DPTF Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework
drones-and-simulation [no description available]
edk2-bugs EDK II Bugs
edk2-devel EDK II Development
ell Embedded Linux Library
EPID-SDK [no description available]
eziometer These are the original stewards/developers of the project
fMBT free Model-Based Testing
GraphBuilder A Java library for constructing graphs out of large datasets.
Hetero-streams Hetero-streams mailing list
hpdd-dataspaces [no description available]
hpdd-delphix This 01 mailing list is used by Intel and Delphix to collaborate on the ZFS Performance Analysis and Optimization work being performed by Delphix under a subcontract with Intel.
HPDD-discuss Discussion about the Lustre open source file system.
HTML5WebApps HTML5 Sample Web Apps
Hyperscan Hyperscan regular expression matching library
iGVT-g Intel GVT-g is a full GPU virtualization solution with mediated pass-through, based on existing hardware. A virtual GPU instance is maintained for each VM, with part of performance critical resources directly assigned. The capability of running native graphics driver inside a VM, without hypervisor intervention in performance critical paths, achieves a good balance among performance, feature, and sharing capability. Our solution can be quickly applied to Linux-based virtualization solutions, e.g. for Xen implementation (a.k.a XenGT) and KVM implementation (a.k.a KVMGT). This thread is mainly used for user problem discussion.
intel-c-for-media [no description available]
intel-device-res-mgt-lib [no description available]
intel-edu-contenthub [no description available]
Intel-KGT Mailing list for Intel Kernel Guard Technology
Intel-opa Project: 
intel-sgx-kernel-dev Project: Intel® Software Guard Extensions for Linux*:
intel-vaapi-media Intel VAAPI Media
IntelNVMCIMLibrary The Intel NVM CIM library is a framework library supporting common Intel NVM storage common information model (CIM) providers. Discussions around the Intel NVM CIM library take place within the mailing list.
intelnvmclilibrary The Intel NVM CLI library is a framework library supporting common Intel NVM storage command line interface (CLI) applications. Discussions around the Intel NVM CLI library take place within the mailing list.
intelnvmframeworks [no description available]
intelnvmi18nlibrary The Intel NVM internationalization library is a framework library supporting common Intel NVM software internationalization support. Discussions around the Intel NVM internationalization library take place within the mailing list.
Intelseapi Intel® SEAPI is the translator of itt_notify calls into several OS specific and third party tracing formats.
isal Intel Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library
iwd [no description available]
IXPDIMMSW IXPDIMM SW is application software for configuring and managing Intel DIMMs; including basic inventory, capacity provisioning, health monitoring, and troubleshooting. Discussions around IXPDIMM SW take place within the mailing list.
kbuild 0day kernel build service
kbuild-all kbulid-all holds all the reports from the 0day linux kernel build test robot, including compile error/warnings and sparse/smatch/coccinelle static check warnings.
kernelflinger This is a list of subscribers for our Kernelflinger OS Loader to keep in touch regarding users questions and contributions, and product notifications.
langperf Intel 0-Day Runtimes Performance
libdmclient Communication library for mobile
LibRAS Libras is a Linux system library used to provide Intel server platform architecture information and inject errors into hardware level to validate RAS features.
libxcam Extended camera features of 3A (auto white balance, auto exposure and auto focus).
libyami libyami project to communicate with internal/external users.
Linux-nfc NFC on Linux
Linux-nvdimm Linux-nvdimm developer list.
Linux-Thermal-Daemon Thermal Daemon is a Linux daemon for monitoring and controlling platform temperatures.
LKP Linux Kernel Performance
Luv Linux UEFI Validation Distribution List
memkind User extensible heap manager.
mOS-devel Discuss OS development related to mOS for HPC
mptcp Discussions regarding MPTCP upstreaming
mpxcheck MpxCheck Tool Mailing List
murphy-dev Policy management FW
nmapis_script_exerciser Project Intel® Node Manager APIs Exerciser:
Nodemanager Node Manager PRK
NumaTOP NumaTOP is an observation tool for runtime memory locality characterization and analysis.
nvt-devel [no description available]
oat-devel OpenAttestation is a cloud management tool used in establishing hosts' integrity information.
OCR-announce Announcements (low-traffic) about OCR
OCR-build Build messages for OCR system
OCR-dev Technical discussion about OCR
OCR-discuss General discussion about OCR
oFono-dev oFono project developer mailing list.
oisp-dev [no description available]
OPAE Open Programmable Acceleration Engine
opencit_dev This is a list of subscribers for our OpenCIT solution to keep in touch regarding product support, users questions and contributions and product notifications.
OpenSAA Intel Service Assurance Administrator
Perfmon-announce Announce new event list releases about perfmon events
Perfmon-discuss A discussion forum about perfmon events
perfmon-support [no description available]
PowerTop Power analysis tool for Linux
Prm-dev [no description available]
psst A fat free tool to analyse x86 SoC components for power, thermal related parameters.
pyMIC An easy-to-use interface to manage data and invoke kernels on the Intel Xeon Phi (co)processors.
qmsi Quark Solutions Division MCU software development mailing list.
RIB Rapid Interface Builder (RIB)
SafeStringLib A C Library of buffer and string manipulation routines that help protect against buffer overflows
Sawtooth [no description available]
Sbl-devel [no description available]
Simple-perf-tools Speedometer and overhead tool users
SMACK-announce SMACK announcement list.
SMACK-discuss SMACK discussion list.
SPDK Storage Performance Development Kit
SVT-AV1 [no description available]
Thunderbolt-Software Thunderbolt software discussions.
TinyCrypt-Devel TinyCrypt is a small-footprint cryptography library targeting constrained devices. Its minimal set of standard cryptographic primitives are designed to provide secure messages, basic encryption, and random number generation, which are all needed to secure the small footprint of IoT devices. This list is should be internal to Intel only and allow people to subscribe to the mailing list for release announcements and discussion of future requirements and features.
tpm2 tpm2
trusty-ia [no description available]
vcdp Visual Cloud Development Platfom
wds-dev Development mailing list for the Wireless Display Service, an open source project at
Web-Simulator Mobile web development tool
wysiwidi-dev Development mailing list for the Wireless Display Service, an open source project at
XBB XForm Building Blocks
yarp-gen YARP Generator
Yarp-gen-bugs [no description available]
yoctobsp-apollolake-i yoctobsp-apollolake-i
Yoko-tool A Linux based command-line tool for configuring and controlling Yokogawa WT310 power meters

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