[01.org Android-IA] Android-IA sources

Boie, Andrew P andrew.p.boie at intel.com
Sat Feb 9 19:11:33 PST 2013

> What about the bigcore target, and adding VESAFB support to it?
> I have done similiar work for Android-IA 4.1.1, and was then able to
> run graphics as well on VM, but
> it is not so trivial to merge it in 4.2.1 (modifications in the device
> makefiles and other stuff), so I haven't given it much time.
> Have you made such work in Intel, to support running in VM?

At one point the 'bigcore' target was working with VESA framebuffer--the idea was to have a target that didn't require working Mesa for bringup and such. We put in some changes to fix color conversion and a few other things. Not sure if it's still working as it's not something we formally support. But last time I tried it, it did work although the graphics were very slow.

> If not, would you be interested in such a contribution? If so, I can
> put some effort on uploading it in the coming days, but it is quite
> hacky.

Potentially. But I don't think it will require invasive changes to make it work. If it's not working already I think the fix would be very small.


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