[01.org Android-IA] Kernel 3.14.47 is on 01.org GitHub

Christopher Price cprice at mmv.mobi
Sun Aug 9 12:02:08 PDT 2015

In packaging up the latest Console OS builds for open-sourcing, we requested the 3.14.47 kernel sources. Intel OTC has posted them to the Android-IA GitHub. To access you need to go into device_intel_gmin-kernel and change the branch manually to 3.14.37-src. It’s a single src.tgz. You can then build the kernel and inject it into Android-IA 5.1-ia0.

https://github.com/android-ia/device_intel_gmin-kernel <https://github.com/android-ia/device_intel_gmin-kernel>

From my experience in building personally, there are two main changes from the kernel build-up guide on 01.org <http://01.org/>:

1) You need to upgrade your Poky toolchain to 1.8 Core 2. The download links are substantially different (sorry I don’t have it on me).
2) The gmin-build.sh has been changed to byt-build.sh - but it is the same script otherwise structurally.

3.14.37 contains dozens (hundreds?) of quilt patch changes and improvements, on top of stepping up the Linux kernel version. I highly recommend stepping up to this newer kernel version.

Christopher Price
Console.com.co <http://console.com.co/>

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