[01.org Celadon] thermald spamming

Tapani Pälli tapani.palli at intel.com
Wed Jul 31 22:25:28 PDT 2019


On 6/5/19 5:33 AM, Zhang, Yanmin wrote:
> +Thermal expet Han Zhen.

Please fix this. Users should not need be spammed continuously with 
'Dumping parsed XML Data' and tons of lines of text. You can do it once 
(when THD engine start failed), but doing it *all the time* is quite 

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>>> On my KBL NUC device, thermald is continuously restarting itself
>>> causing a lot of 'spam output' to the logcat. This is annoying as it
>>> is hard to read the proper log output and it also affects many
>>> benchmark results because of additional CPU overhead. Is there easy
>>> way to just disable thermald? Or maybe implement some threshold that
>>> if it restarts 10 times then it would give up?
>> I agree. I also think it's annoying.
>> Personally I filter it out by
>> logcat | grep -vi thermald:
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