IVI Connection Management

Daniel Wagner daniel.wagner at bmw-carit.de
Thu Apr 15 06:44:54 PDT 2010

[The mail was bounced due my broken mail setup, resend]

Hi Samuel,

I'll try to describe here what we have identified so far to be related
IVI (in-vehicle-infotainment) connection management problems.

For an IVI platform different connection means need to be supported
(e.g. BMW ConnectetDrive via builtin SIM, Ford SYNC connects via user's
mobile). There are also solution that can utilize two at the same time
(e.g. Audi announced a system that can use either internal SIM or the
customer mobile). Furthermore not all applications should use the same
path (e.g. high bandwidth video streaming should/should not use the
user's mobile).

The above two requirements are easily fulfilled by any setup you can
think of as of today, however finding the right configuration and
tweaking it to work together are the tricky part (firewall, routing,
accounting). If there is something missing in this area we might be able
to contribute.

BTW, the interesting problems arise from the fact, that the IVI system
needs to operate with minimum user interaction to avoid driver
distraction and setup hazle.

Implementing the nuts and bolts (i.e. setting up a working
configuration) is something that should be of interest to connman as
such since it tackles basic operation in a non-automotive environment
also. The second aspect (concerning the autonomous subsystem
configuration) is very automotive specific and thus best be handled in a
separate component.


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