Static IPv4.Configuration and nameservers

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Fri Apr 16 09:55:25 PDT 2010


I'm looking at implementing support for setting explicit nameservers along with
a manual IPv4 configuration via the DBus API.  I'm starting to get my head
around the code right now, but this is an area where it feels like there are
some competing concepts.

The simplest approach given the current code would be to simply accept a
"Nameservers" key in the IPv4.Configuration property dict:

  service.SetProperty("IPv4.Configuration", {
    "Method": "manual",
    "Address": "...",
    "Netmask": "...",
    "Gateway": "...",
    "Nameservers": ["foo", "bar"],

Then, in service.c, pull out the Nameservers value before calling
__connman_ipconfig_set_ipv4config, and call connman_resolver_append (and maybe
even call connman_resolver_remove_all before that).

Since I'm new to this, though, I wanted to see if other people think that is an
acceptable approach, or if there are anticipated changes in the way static
configuration is handled that will make a different approach more
straight-forward (i.e. static configuration registering an ipv4 element).

Any input would be appreciated.

Forest Bond
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