[PATCH resend v1] Fix missing and empty WiFi APs issue afterkill/restart

leena.gunda at wipro.com leena.gunda at wipro.com
Thu Jan 6 01:37:22 PST 2011

Hi Marcel,

>> -	interface_bss_added(iter, interface);
>> +	interface_bss_added_with_keys(iter, interface);
>>  }

>I am not so thrilled about the naming here. Could we just not check if
>the extra iter with keys is present?

For both the cases we have a next DBusMessageIterator. 
- For the BSSs list the next iterator contains the object path 
- For the BSS obtained by the BSSAdded signal the next iterator 
  contains the BSS's property.

So to check if the next iterator contains the key/value pair we will have to
actually get the contents of the next iterator beforehand which seems incorrect
and was complicating the current design further. Hence used the approach of
separating the two cases.

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