[PATCH resend v1] Fix missing and empty WiFi APs issueafterkill/restart

leena.gunda at wipro.com leena.gunda at wipro.com
Thu Jan 6 02:13:30 PST 2011

Hi Marcel,

>>> -	interface_bss_added(iter, interface);
>>> +	interface_bss_added_with_keys(iter, interface);
>>>  }
>>I am not so thrilled about the naming here. Could we just not check if
>>the extra iter with keys is present?
>For both the cases we have a next DBusMessageIterator. 
>- For the BSSs list the next iterator contains the object path 
>- For the BSS obtained by the BSSAdded signal the next iterator 
>  contains the BSS's property.
>So to check if the next iterator contains the key/value pair we will have to
>actually get the contents of the next iterator beforehand which seems incorrect
>and was complicating the current design further. Hence used the approach of
>separating the two cases.

Also checking if the next iterator is not of DBUS_TYPE_OBJECT_PATH did fix the issue
of empty AP list. But then it did not fix the issue of missing alternate BSSs due to
to dbus_message_iter_next being done twice.

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