[PATCH autoconf v4 0/5] IPv6 autoconf support resend

Samuel Ortiz sameo at linux.intel.com
Mon Jan 10 12:24:08 PST 2011

Hi Jukka,

On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 06:03:26PM +0200, Jukka Rissanen wrote:
> Hi Samuel,
> here is a resend of the earlier IPv6 autoconf patches. They
> were reworked according to your comments.
> 01: Test script for setting the IPv6 method. I fixed the netmask
>     and usage.
> 02: Renamed set_ip_method test script to set_ipv4_method
> 03: Fixed the usage of set_ipv4_method script (gateway was missing)
> 04: This was the patch #9 in patchset v3. Fixed the NULL checking,
>     reworked the 'if' statements, fixed return value.
> 05: This was the patch #10 in patchset v3. Fixed the NULL checking.
All 5 patches applied, and another one on top of them to add the 2 new scripts
to test_scripts.

> I am hoping you could accept patch #6 in patchset v3 as is so I am
> not resending that atm. I explained why it was done like that in
> separate mail.
Thanks, I commented on it as well.


Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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