USB tethering issues

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I'm currently trying to test the USB tethering with connman-0.65.
I'm facing some issues and I'll appreciate your help.

If I take connman-0.65 and do not make changes on it I'm not able to correctly handle the USB gadget connection because the CONNMAN_DEVICE_TYPE_GADGET is not registered. To fix this I've added a new gadget driver in the ethernet plugin:

static struct connman_device_driver gadget_driver = {
	.name		= "gadget_a_moi",
	.probe		= ethernet_probe,
	.remove		= ethernet_remove,
	.enable		= ethernet_enable,
	.disable	= ethernet_disable,

And registered it in the ehternet_init function. With this change, the USB gadget is correctly detected by connman and an IP address is automatically assigned to it.

But for the tethering, nothing works. When I try to enable the tethering the ethernet.c:enable_tethering function is correctly called but do nothing because the cdc_interface_list is empty. This could be explain by the fact that the tech_add_interface() function is never called.

What I've understand is that the tech_add_interface() is called by the __connman_technology_add_interface() when there is a new link event and if the type of service is already present in the technology_list. In the traces that I've, it's never the case. The technology_list do not contains yet the GADGET services when we call the __connman_technology_add_interface() function.

I'm newbie with connman and my knowledge of its code not yet very well, so any help is welcome.

In attach the log that I've taken, if this could help:
	- start.txt: manual starting of connman (there is no kernel module USB loaded)
	- load_mod.txt: loading of the g_ether kernel module
	- plug.txt: plug of the USB gadget

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