USB tethering issues

Marcel Holtmann marcel at
Tue Jan 25 03:49:01 PST 2011

Hi Guillaume,

> > > I'm currently trying to test the USB tethering with connman-0.65.
> > > I'm facing some issues and I'll appreciate your help.
> >
> > Before going further into debugging this issue, could you please add
> > some debug in rtnl.c/read_uevent() to see which file it's reading, and what does
> > DEVTYPE say in the interface uevent file.
> > Also, looking at /sys/class/net/usb0/uevent would be helpful, once you have
> > plugged your ethernet USB dongle.
> >
> I've re-started my test with connman-0.67. The only changes that I've did in the code are the adding of traces in rtnl.c/read_uevent as suggested by Samuel.
> Please find the traces (-d "*") attach to this email.
> We can see on it that nothing occurs when I run the enable-tethering script and that the bridge is never created :(

if the bridge does not get created, then no wonder that Tethering does
not work.

Can you check with brctl (part of bridge-utils) that bridge support is
available. Also check /sys/modem/bridge/ or lsmod that the either the
bridge support is compiled in or loaded as module.

You might just have a kernel without bridge support by accident. I think
we used to have a MeeGo bug open for that, but that got fixed. Same
applies for having a kernel with proper set of netfilter modules for IP
forwarding and masquerading.



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