USB tethering issues

Lucas, GuillaumeX guillaumex.lucas at
Tue Jan 25 06:29:51 PST 2011

Hi Marcel,

> >
> > We can see on it that nothing occurs when I run the enable-tethering
> script and that the bridge is never created :(
> if the bridge does not get created, then no wonder that Tethering does
> not work.
> Can you check with brctl (part of bridge-utils) that bridge support is
> available. Also check /sys/modem/bridge/ or lsmod that the either the
> bridge support is compiled in or loaded as module.
> You might just have a kernel without bridge support by accident. I
> think
> we used to have a MeeGo bug open for that, but that got fixed. Same
> applies for having a kernel with proper set of netfilter modules for IP
> forwarding and masquerading.

I've check and it's effectively the case. The build that I've used don't have the bridge support. I will try to re-test with the latest MeeGo image or build a kernel myself if it's again the case.

However there is one thing that I don't understand. For me, don't having the bridge support in the kernel will simply make a failure for the src/tethering.c:create_bridge function. In the traces that I've taken there is absolutely no call to this function. So there is not even a tentative to create the bridge by connman.

>From the analysis that I've did the create_bridge function is called when we run the enable-tethering script via the plugin/ethernet.c:enable_tethering() function. But this is done only if the interface is in the cdc_interface_list.

The adding of an interface to the cdc_interface_list is done by the plugin/ethernet.c:tech_add_interface function. Here again, I don't find any call to this function in my traces. If I continue in this way, the tech_add_interface is probably not called because when we are in the src/technology.c:__conman_technology_add_interface (we have trace line 146 who confirms that this function is called) the technology_list do not contains (yet?) the technology for the gadget type.

Adding something to the technology_list is done by the src/technology.c:technology_get function. In my traces we have a call to this function for the cellular technology but never for the gadget. So this confirms that the technology_list contains anything relative to gadget. I'm not sure if my argument is right but I think there is something who is missing for the USB gadget.

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