regression: resolv.conf empty

Kalle Valo kalle.valo at
Wed Jan 26 12:30:40 PST 2011


I noticed this evening that my resolv.conf is empty:

tukki:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf 
# Generated by Connection Manager

Even though I have nameservers configured:

tukki:~$ cmcc show valo | grep Nameservers
  Nameservers = [ 2001:b18:0:1000:2e0:81ff:fe61:ae0d 2001:16d8:aaaa:3::2 ]
  Nameservers.Configuration = [ 2001:b18:0:1000:2e0:81ff:fe61:ae0d 2001:16d8:aaaa:3::2 ]

If I start connman with -r switch, I see the nameservers again in
resolv.conf. But without -r switch resolv.conf stays empty.

Kalle Valo

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