USB tethering issues

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Thu Jan 27 03:40:09 PST 2011

Hi lucas:
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> Hi Martin, Hi Marcel,
> > > You might just have a kernel without bridge support by accident. I think
> > > we used to have a MeeGo bug open for that, but that got fixed. Same
> > > applies for having a kernel with proper set of netfilter modules for IP
> > > forwarding and masquerading.
> > MeeGo tethering feature is still be blocked by kernel bridge support.
> > I have filed the bug.
> >
> > In the bug, I attached my config to enable the bridge. When working on
> > the feature I recompiled the kernel with bridge support, and tethering
> > works fine.
I look through the code and find that I forget to push a updated patch. Just pushed, you can patch it and try whether it can work. THX!

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