USB tethering issues

Lucas, GuillaumeX guillaumex.lucas at
Thu Jan 27 07:25:17 PST 2011

Hi Martin,

> I look through the code and find that I forget to push a updated patch.
> Just pushed, you can patch it and try whether it can work. THX!

I've updated my code with your patch. It's better as now the __connman_technology_add_interface() is called. But it's always failed for the USB tethering :(
When I run the enable-tethering script, the set_tethering function of the plugin/ethernet.c file is not called. 

As suggested by Samuel in offline I've added the following debug traces:

diff --git a/src/technology.c b/src/technology.c
index ff1cf78..f882728 100644
--- a/src/technology.c
+++ b/src/technology.c
@@ -159,12 +159,18 @@ void __connman_technology_add_interface(enum connman_servi
        for (list = technology_list; list; list = list->next) {
                struct connman_technology *technology = list->data;

+               DBG("Techno type %d (%d) driver %p",
+                       technology->type, type, technology->driver);
                if (technology->type != type)

                if (technology->driver == NULL)

+               DBG("Techno add interface %p",
+                       technology->driver->add_interface);
                if (technology->driver->add_interface)
                                                        index, name, ident);

Here is what I've seen when I plug my USB gadget:

connmand[1664]: src/ipconfig.c:__connman_ipconfig_newlink() index 2
connmand[1664]: usb0 {RX} 1 packets 76 bytes
connmand[1664]: usb0 {TX} 0 packets 0 bytes
connmand[1664]: usb0 {newlink} index 2 address 66:F6:1B:3F:03:A2 mtu 1500
connmand[1664]: usb0 {newlink} index 2 operstate 6 <UP>
connmand[1664]: src/detect.c:detect_newlink() type 1 index 2
connmand[1664]: Create interface usb0 [ gadget ]
connmand[1664]: src/technology.c:__connman_technology_add_interface() Techno type 6 (9) driver (nil)
connmand[1664]: src/rtnl.c:rtnl_message() buf 0xbfd38610 len 156
connmand[1664]: src/rtnl.c:rtnl_message() NEWROUTE len 156 type 24 flags 0x0000 seq 0
connmand[1664]: src/device.c:device_scan_trigger() device 0x997c5c0
connmand[1664]: src/rtnl.c:rtnl_message() buf 0xbfd38610 len 64

So, there is no driver found for the USB gadget technology in the technology_list when we called src/technology.c:__connman_technology_add_interface(). My opinion is that there is somewhere a step who is missing: the adding of the gadget technology to the technology_list.

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