[PATCH 00/13] Fix gateway problems

Jukka Rissanen jukka.rissanen at linux.intel.com
Thu Feb 2 04:54:16 PST 2012


I noticed that there is a problem in gateway code when there are
more than one service connected simultaneously. It is possible to
have more than one default gateways at the same time. Fortunately
the service code was correct so only one service was in online state.
While fixing that one I noticed problems in other parts of
connection.c like VPN route setting etc so this ended up being a
bit bigger patchset than I hoped.

First two patches add more debugging support in inet.c and
connection.c. These are useful to understand what is going on
in the system.

Patch #3 fixes the issue when we trigger service state change
before all the gateways are set. Normally this does not cause
problems but this patch makes it more clearer (and easier to read the
logs) if the service online checks etc. are done after we have
set all the routes.

There is no need to remove the nameservers twice in the same function.
This is fixed in patch #4.

When the nameservers are removed in __connman_connection_gateway_remove()
we should remove only certain type nameservers (IPv4 or IPv6). Without
the patch #5, we might remove IPv4 routes by accident if we are only
removing IPv6 gateway routes.

If default gateway changes, the service will notify it. It is possible
that we notify the default changed unnecessarily if the default have
not been changed. This is checked in patch #6.

The add_gateway() can change the gateway hash so we get the active
gateway only after add_gateway(). Otherwise it is possible that
active_gateway points to already freed memory, I saw the issue in
one valgrind run. This is fixed in patch #7.

The VPN host routes are not needed so the patch #8 does not set them
any longer.

Because there can be more than one active gateway (active means that we
have received rtnl new gateway message for it) in the system, we just
cannot blindly take some active gateway and set VPN routes based on it.
So the find_phy_gateway() will resolve the correct phy ip and
set_vpn_routes() will save it. This is done in patch #9.

The patch #10 is also fixing multiple active gateway issue. We must
check all the active gateways in __connman_connection_update_gateway()
so that there will be only one default gateway.

The gateway host route is not needed in VPN so remove it in patch #11.

The system automagically creates a VPN route to gateway, this is
unnecessary so remove it in patch #12.

The patch #13 finally fixes the issue of multiple default gateways.
It is only possible to get multiple default gateways when connman starts
or exists offline mode. In that case multiple bearers will compete each
other for the default route and rtnl messages come and go. Depending on
timings, it is possible that more than one gateway will go active and have
default gateway set. The patch fixes that issue by checking in
connection_newgateway() whether there are other gateways that are active
or not. All the other active gateways are downgraded (their default gateway
is removed) if the ordering permits.
It is still possible to have more than one default route if the rtnl
new route message is not received. In this case connman cannot activate
the gateway yet. I am not sure how this issue could be solved.


Jukka Rissanen (13):
  inet: Fix debugging prints
  connection: Fix debugging prints
  connection: Trigger service updates only after setting gateways
  connection: Remove nameserver routes only once
  service: Allow removing only certain type nameservers
  service: Check redundant default changed notify
  connection: Avoid stale memory access
  connection: Do not set host routes in VPN case
  connection: Get correct VPN phy link data
  connection: Check all active gateways in update
  connection: Remove obsolete routes for VPN
  connection: Remove unnecessary VPN gateway route
  connection: Try to avoid having two default gateways

 src/connection.c |  429 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------
 src/connman.h    |    3 +-
 src/inet.c       |   21 ++-
 src/service.c    |   36 ++++--
 4 files changed, 359 insertions(+), 130 deletions(-)

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