Question about EAP provision immutable.

Danny Jeongseok Seo s.seo at
Sun Feb 5 00:22:57 PST 2012

Hi Marcel,

Thank you for your helpful comments.

> So lets take one step back. One question to always ask is how much and which questions you can ask to a normal user that they can answer without calling an expert. And that is how the ConnMan API is designed.
> We only will forward questions to the agent (aka the UI of the user) that he/she can answer.

Frankly We yet understood provision API (its design) before.
Based on your helpful clearance, provision service is for specific purpose of operator's or administrator's requirements.

I hope that it might be really helpful to get use cases for provision.
It seems for me that ConnMan documents does not fully describe provision APIs in an easy way.

> The model of using WISPr 2.0 with EAP over HTTPS is a bit more cleaner since the WISPr model gives you context of what network you are.
> ConnMan right now only supports WISPr 1.0 since we have not yet seen 2.0 hotspots deployed at all.

In addition, we couldn't understand WISPr correctly.
It hardly find materials :).
If you have any references, can you share?

Warm regards,
Danny Seo.

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