[PATCH 0/5 - v1] Agent API RequestBrowser method implementation

Patrik Flykt patrik.flykt at linux.intel.com
Fri Feb 10 02:53:24 PST 2012


On Wed, 2012-02-08 at 16:24 +0200, Tomasz Bursztyka wrote:
> Here is the implementation of RequestBrowser method of Agent API.
> The current documentation seems wrong about the possible errors, it
> should be "Canceled" and not "Retry" as it for RequestInput.

Ok to that.

> The browser will be requested if only there is a redirection which
> does not provide any wispr support.
> Every time the method will be answered without an error, the
> wispr/portal check will be ran again, until either it success or the
> user cancel the request.

The code looks fine to me. Small typo and perhaps some clarification or
a yes/no ok/not ok text input in simple-agent.



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