ntp synchronization in READY state.

Marcel Holtmann marcel at holtmann.org
Mon Feb 27 09:12:51 PST 2012

Hi Naik,

> According to my understanding NTP synchronization will occur in
> connman once service state is CONNMAN_SERVICE_STATE_ONLINE. Further
> service will enter the online state once connman can communicate with
> http://ipv4.connman.net/online/status.html.
> However in my case, generally an NTP server announced via dhcp and is
> present on the local network. My device may not necessarily be
> connected to the internet. So i need to start the ntp synchronization
> before connman enters the ONLINE state.

it is actually not that simple. If the NTP server is announced via DHCP
and is in your local network, then we should do this in READY state.

If it not announced via DHCP, we should try the router in READY state.

In case we have a static NTP server list and it is in your local network
(either DHCP or static configuration), we should try it in READY state.

If both are failing and the NTP server is not local, we should be doing
NTP just before going into ONLINE. Meaning after WISPr/online check
declared this connection online.

Just to be clear here, the ONLINE state that ConnMan announces we are
really online and we tried all possible methods to synchronize the time
for you first. So right now, this is a bug actually. We need to wait NTP
success (or failure) before we go ONLINE.



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