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Tue Jan 17 09:54:40 PST 2012

Hi Franck,

Currently connman supports WPS only based on service selection (it's
mandatory). It is requested through the Agent API. No "blind" client
connection directly.
However I did a patch (not committed upstream though) which simplifies
the process: once you have selected the service you want to connect to,
if it detects wps pbc  advertisement for this service it will use wps
See: http://lists.connman.net/pipermail/connman/2011-September/006300.html

Anyway, you are mixing things. It's true that WPS does not assume any
SSID and it's actually how it's implemented in wpa_supplicant and how it
actually works yes.
But in connman, for user's safety we do not allow WPS usage blindly.
Actually, once we get associated via WPS (which process does not take
care of service's SSID) we check that associated SSID matches service's
name (= ssid) the user has selected. If not, it will disconnect right away.

Of course, if you need to install connman on a box which does not
present any UI and which should handle a client WPS PBC button then, ok,
connman would have to handle that "blindly" (launching the process
without going through service). I think that should not be too hard to
implement, just a quick hack on manager/service + the patch I did.
Though I don't see that feature getting into upstream version, you can
propose that feature as an add-on patch.



Le 17/01/2012 18:09, all.franck at free.fr a écrit :
> Hi,
> With the current connman API it is not possible to launch a WPS process without
> using services API.
> This is in contradiction with WPS. With WPS, the SSID of the AP to be connected
> to should not be assumed.
> No SSID should be provided. So considered we should not get a specific service
> and
> trying to connect using this instance.
> We should have an API that can launch a connection based on a technology
> Do you agree ? Did I missed any API in the current version of connman ?
> How do you think I should change the API to support WPS connection request ?
> Thanks,
> Franck
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