connman does not configure ethernet

Tim Sander tim01 at
Thu Nov 1 05:38:07 PDT 2012

Hi Thomasz
> How "fixing" dbus api is supposed to fix dhcp issue?
> Anyway your patch is wrong: __connman_ipconfig_set_config() already
> handles variant
> the given array is an array of dict, each entry of the dict is a key and
> a variant. It is handled properly.
> As far as I look to your patch, you have a variant in the variant. It's
> wrong.
> So how are you using the dbus api? I mean: which client, ui or command
> line tool?
> Sounds the problem is on that side, not in connman side.
I missatached the file. Somehow i had an old connman patch lying in the same 
directory and attached the wrong file. (Unfortunatly it was a patch which 
caused enought confusion already... if i would be beliving i would say this 
thing is cursed ;-).

Below is the patch which fixes the problem but as this condition is done on 
purpose i wonder what side effects there might lie.

Sorry for the confusion
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