Connman 1.9 won't attempt connecting to wifi service

Sameer Naik sameer.subscriptions at
Thu Nov 8 22:08:46 PST 2012


Today i noticed one issue. I am not sure whether this is a bug or this
is by design.

I have a saved wifi profile with Autoconnect turned on and was able to
connect to that profile without any problems. Yesterday  i updated
wpa_supplicant to version 1.0 and found that connman was no longer
able to connect to by saved profile. So i reverted back to
wpa_supplicant-0.7.3 and noticed that connman was still not able to
connect to my saved wifi profile. I noticed that connman had appended
a line 'Failure=invalid-key' in the settings file of the saved wifi
profile due to which the connection was not happening even after
restarting connman multiple times. I had to remove that line for it to
start working again.

I would have expected that connman would attempt connecting to the
service at least once and figure out whether the key was invalid or
not and then stop connection attempts to the service if the key was
found to be invalid. At the moment I don't have an agent registered,
so i don't know if there is something more that occurs in this case.

The condition that occured in my case was purely a side effect of
being in developer mode. I am not sure if this could occur in
production mode.

One last thing, Is connman compatible with wpa_supplicant-1.0?
Lemme know.

Thanks and Regards

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