Connman 1.9 won't attempt connecting to wifi service

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Fri Nov 9 08:07:31 PST 2012


On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 6:37 PM, Patrik Flykt
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>         Hi,
> On Fri, 2012-11-09 at 14:55 +0530, Sameer Naik wrote:
>> 1. Read about /var/lib/connman/*.config files.
> The .config files would be a good place to set up networks which should
> work unattended. Much better than editing the settings files directly.
I was playing around with the settings file because i don't have a
client app implemented yet. I was not aware of the .config files.

>> 2. Figure out what wpa_supplicant-1.0 won't work for me.
>> There is one other issue i am seeing:
>> I have setup connman to start at boot up using init scripts and have
>> some saved wifi connection profiles to which an automatic connection
>> is expected. But almost always the connection fails at start up and
>> the line 'Failure=connect-failed' appears in the settings file.
> These two seem to be the same thing. wpa_supplicant works ok, but the
> wifi kernel driver might be doing something else. What WiFi driver are
> you using, it seems to be something not-so-standard, since you have
> explicitely specified '-W wext' in the previous mails? Which kernel
> driver is in use if there are more than one option?
The wext driver is the one in use. The command that i specified is the
actual command in use without the '-n -d' options.

>> I have
>> to restart connman for the connection to happen or unplug and plug the
>> usb wifi device for the connection to occur (which frequently crashes,
>> reported earlier).
> Did you check if the patches I sent to the mailing list will fix this?
I had not noticed the patch. Applied now and the crash issue is fixed.
But i noticed an issue with the dnsproxy that i have mentioned in
response to the patch.

>> I have generated a log of this (please find attached). In the log the
>> service i should auto connect is located in
>> /etc/connman/wifi_00e04c06dc8e_77656c636f6d652e746f2e6e62636c_managed_psk,
>> but for some reason the connection is not happening.
> It starts to connect, but ends up with
> connmand[948]: src/network.c:connman_network_set_error() network 0x4cef70 error 4
> connmand[948]: src/service.c:connman_service_lookup_from_network() network 0x4cef70
> connmand[948]: src/service.c:__connman_service_indicate_error() service 0x4c6d78 error 4
> connmand[948]: src/service.c:__connman_service_ipconfig_indicate_state() service 0x4c6d78 (wifi_00e04c06dc8e_77656c636f6d652e746f2e6e62636c_managed_psk) state 7 (failure) type 1 (IPv4)
> This is the Failure=connect-failed you saw in the saved settings. What
> wifi chip does that USB dongle actually have?
The Wifi chip has a RTL8192cu chip. They actually have an updated
driver released for the chip. Will see if there are any improvements
after updating the driver to the latest version. However i am not
completely sure if this is an issue with the wifi chip. What i have
noticed is that there is not problem connecting to my home wifi
network at boot up. But the wifi there is some issue while connecting
to the test wifi network i setup at work. Maybe something to do with
the router.


> Cheers,
>         Patrik
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