[PATCH v3 08/15] session: Store user AllowedBearers configuration

Daniel Wagner wagi at monom.org
Mon Nov 12 06:29:01 PST 2012

Hi Patrik

On 06.11.2012 11:17, Patrik Flykt wrote:
> 	Hi,
> On Fri, 2012-11-02 at 17:26 +0100, Daniel Wagner wrote:
>> Obviously, this might need some more improvements on how we want
>> to handle the AllowedBearers behavior when the policy plugin and
>> the application provide a configuration. For exmaple should
>> we update the AllowedBearers if the policy changes or just always
>> show only the user input. This patch is not perfect but it
>> improves the situation clearly.
> I think we need to store both what the application requested and what
> the policy returned.

That is what we have after this patch. The application configuration 
will be stored in


and the policy plugin list is stored in


> This in order to be able to react to a changed
> 'AllowedBearers' without going to the policy module and to receive an
> updated policy without having to drop the session in response.


> It is
> also useful to save the current allowed bearers after computing the
> outcome of the application's and the policy plugin's bearers, otherwise
> that needs to be recomputed all the time.


> I need to check what the code does currently.

I think it should do what you have in mind.


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