dnsproxy crash

Kalle Valo kvalo at adurom.com
Sat Nov 17 12:10:07 PST 2012


I updated connman to latest commit from git (a3c241e74) and I saw this
crash twice in the first 10 mins:

connmand[30146]: src/dnsproxy.c:server_create_socket() sk 14
connmand[30146]: src/dnsproxy.c:create_server() Adding DNS server
connmand[30146]: src/dnsproxy.c:__connman_dnsproxy_remove() interface
wlan0 server 2001:16d8:aaaa:3::2
connmand[30146]: src/dnsproxy.c:find_server() interface wlan0 server
2001:16d8:aaaa:3::2 proto 17
connmand[30146]: Aborting (signal 11) [src/connmand]
connmand[30146]: ++++++++ backtrace ++++++++
connmand[30146]: #0  0x7f78a046ecb0 in
connmand[30146]: #1  0x7f78a0944790 in
connmand[30146]: #2  0x46b299 in destroy_server() at src/dnsproxy.c:1779
connmand[30146]: #3  0x46e6b0 in remove_server() at src/dnsproxy.c:2313
connmand[30146]: #4  0x44b9e1 in __connman_resolver_redo_servers() at
connmand[30146]: #5  0x459004 in process_newaddr() at src/rtnl.c:618
connmand[30146]: #6  0x7f78a0907d53 in
connmand[30146]: #7  0x7f78a09080a0 in
connmand[30146]: #8  0x7f78a090849a in
connmand[30146]: #9  0x40e58d in main() at src/main.c:605
connmand[30146]: #10 0x7f789f5d176d in /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6
connmand[30146]: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Kalle Valo

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