Cannot connect to EAP (ieee8021x) without a .config file

Felipe Ferreri Tonello eu at
Mon Nov 19 11:21:49 PST 2012

Hi all,

I've read over and over all the discussion about this support to PEAP 
over the service api and so on.

Ok, the thing is: I'm trying to connect to a EAP (ieee8021x) network 
without the .config file, but it doesn't 
work(net.connman.Error.InvalidArguments: Invalid arguments).

When I add this[1] .config file, the agent receives a request to a 
Identity and a Passphrase, as expected.

Type = wifi
Name = engineering
EAP = peap
Phase2 = MSCHAPV2

If there is no certificate, shouldn't be possible to connect without the 
provisioning file? Since it's how it works on iOS and Android.

PS: Is there anything that needs to be implemented in this matter? If 
so, let me know.

Thank you in advance,

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