[PATCH 0/3] OpenVPN option enhancement

Daniel Wagner wagi at monom.org
Fri Nov 23 04:28:46 PST 2012

Hi Jukka,

On 22.11.2012 13:05, Jukka Rissanen wrote:
> Hi,
> This patchset is related to this enhancement request:
> https://bugs.meego.com/show_bug.cgi?id=25866
> The patchset is against connman-vpnd patchset that
> I sent earlier.
> Patch 1 removes obsolete --tls-client option that is
> automatically set by the --client option.
> There was discussion in the IRC channel that we could
> perhaps also remove the --nobind and --persist-key options
> as they might not be really needed. Removing them now might
> cause some regressions to the users if they rely those
> options be there by default, so I did not remove
> these two ones.
> If user has a OpenVPN config file, then that file
> and options in it are taken into use in patch 2.
> If the config file is used, then some optional default
> options are not set as they might conflict the settings
> in the config file. If the user needs these options, he
> can set them in config file. This is done in patch 3.

Applied, thanks!

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