Tethering question

Gary Oliver go at aerodesic.com
Fri Sep 6 12:39:10 PDT 2013

I am using connman 1.18 and (upgraded from 1.13) on an Angstrom 
(BeagleBone) platform (ARM).

My application needs to be able to switch between tethered wifi (in AP 
mode) and connecting to a WIFI access point (never at the same time, of 

In 1.13 it was 'troublesome' getting it to switch, but persistent 
attempts would usually succeed.  Switching back to tethered AP mode 
always worked.

However, with 1.18, it will initially come up in tethered mode but after 
successfully switching to connecting to an access point, it will NOT 
switch back.  I've traced it to what appears to be a problem with 
deletion of the 'tether' bridge.  It gets deleted and there is nothing 
to recreate it.  Setting the Tethering property to True fails because it 
cannot find the bridge.

Is this a bug or have I fallen into a new API issue that I'm not 
handling correctly?

Just so you know, I'm not doing 'tethering' in actuality.  The device, 
in AP mode is a stand-alone device and does not (normally) possess other 
outbound networks, either ethernet nor wifi - the 'tether' mode is only 
so other portable devices can connect to this stand-alone node.

If I don't find a quick user-mode fix, I'm going to try a patch to 
connman to create the bridge (if it doesn't exist) when switching to 
tethering mode.

Any other suggestions?


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