Tethering question

Jukka Rissanen jukka.rissanen at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 14:44:23 PDT 2013

Hi Gary,

On 6 September 2013 22:39, Gary Oliver <go at aerodesic.com> wrote:
> I am using connman 1.18 and (upgraded from 1.13) on an Angstrom (BeagleBone)
> platform (ARM).
> My application needs to be able to switch between tethered wifi (in AP mode)
> and connecting to a WIFI access point (never at the same time, of course.)
> In 1.13 it was 'troublesome' getting it to switch, but persistent attempts
> would usually succeed.  Switching back to tethered AP mode always worked.
> However, with 1.18, it will initially come up in tethered mode but after
> successfully switching to connecting to an access point, it will NOT switch
> back.  I've traced it to what appears to be a problem with deletion of the
> 'tether' bridge.  It gets deleted and there is nothing to recreate it.
> Setting the Tethering property to True fails because it cannot find the
> bridge.

Just tried this with 5619eb9df7a07a0e8274636eb240e7864ea9c602 which is
1.18+some important fixes and I am not seeing this kind of problems.
I tested this with ECA which is described at
and toggling tethering on/off with or without ethernet uplink
connection just works.
ECA is a custom distro that I created to demonstrate connman tethering
capabilities. I used RaspberryPi with this test but I have a
BeagleboneBlack and I can test this with it tomorrow.

> Is this a bug or have I fallen into a new API issue that I'm not handling
> correctly?

Are you using dbus API directly or connmanctl to toggle tethering?

> Just so you know, I'm not doing 'tethering' in actuality.  The device, in AP
> mode is a stand-alone device and does not (normally) possess other outbound
> networks, either ethernet nor wifi - the 'tether' mode is only so other
> portable devices can connect to this stand-alone node.

Ok, that is good information. I did not see any issues with or without
the uplink (ethernet) connection thou.

> If I don't find a quick user-mode fix, I'm going to try a patch to connman
> to create the bridge (if it doesn't exist) when switching to tethering mode.
> Any other suggestions?

If possible, you could create connman debug log with -d option and
paste it somewhere.

> -Gary


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