Tethering question

Jukka Rissanen jukka.rissanen at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 02:04:20 PDT 2013

On 7 September 2013 01:33, Gary Oliver <go at ao-cs.com> wrote:
> One other thing that *might* be significant:
> I am running connmand with --nodnsproxy because it was causing havoc
> with no upstream DNS server (which I don't have as an 'island' node.)
> Instead,
> I run dnsmasq for local dns when in 'tether' island mode.

Ah, I remember now. You had these DNS issues last May.

> People told me I should use the dnsproxy in connman, but I could not find a
> way to make it run without upstream access..  Perhaps that's changed...

No change with DNS. Patches are welcome if you are able to find a
solution in your setup.

> -Gary


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