No Carrier Error

ajbibb at ajbibb at
Sun Dec 21 11:29:42 PST 2014

    In the UI I'm working on I've got one user that is having troubles connecting with WiFi.  When I had him run "connmanctl scan wifi", bypassing my UI,  this is the return he received:

Error /net/connman/technology/wifi: No carrier
I see that "No Carrier" is a return value from src/error.c, but I'm not sure if this is a connman error or something further removed.  I understand that sometimes, but not often, he can get a connection almost immediately, ususally after 30-40 seconds, an on the rare occasion it takes 3-4 minutes. 
 Question: is this a Connman issue, and if not any idea where we could start looking?
 Incendentally I do appreciate your response to my last question (debug code in counters), and I am trying to get a patch together to submit. 

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