No carrier error

Thomas Green TGreen2 at
Mon Dec 29 16:33:11 PST 2014

I have come across a very peculiar error.  I can connect my system to an AP that is has no security, WEP security, WPA security with no issues.  When I try to connect with ieee8021x, on the other hand, something very curious happens.  I have kernel messages on, so I can see the local nic go into the association state after connman prompts for the username and passphrase.  But then things hang there.  After a couple of minutes (my timeout) The call fails.  I look at the state of the connection and it says that it is in association mode.  It never fails.  At this point I attempt to force a disconnect of the ongoing association and I get an error that there is no carrier.  At this point I try to terminate everything with severe prejudice.  I stop connman, rfkill block then unblock the wireless device.  I restart connman.  The state of the wireless device is powered and ready.  I try to initiate a scan, and I'm told  that there is no carrier.  I verify the state of the wireless is powered and ready.  I can only get to where the wireless nic is usable only after a re-boot.  What could be causing the no carrier error?


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