Bluetooth services does not appear

Ferry Toth ftoth at
Tue Jan 29 12:22:18 PST 2019

Op 09-01-19 om 16:51 schreef Daniel Wagner:
>> root at edison:~# connmanctl
>> connmanctl> services
>> *AR Wired                ethernet_00800f951d4d_cable
>>      Ferry Toth (Galaxy Note3) bluetooth_43341B001FAC_C462EA01AF74
>> connmanctl> connect bluetooth_43341B001FAC_C462EA01AF74
>> Error /net/connman/service/bluetooth_43341B001FAC_C462EA01AF74:
>> Input/output error
>> Seems like 1 more thing is missing.
> Something interesting in the logs?
I posted debug logs. Did you have a look?

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