Annoying 169.254.x.x settings casually disrupting my connection :(

Gabriele Zaverio asbesto at
Thu Jan 31 03:26:29 PST 2019

Hi there,

I have this problem - from time to time this 169.254.x.x network come
up totally unwanted - even if I set my interfaces by hand (ifconfig /
ip etc).

A lot of times I'm correctly configured for my LAN / Internet, and
suddendly I can't connect anymore. And ifconfig show that somehow my
interface is set to some 169.254.x.x address.

I'm using Devuan GNU/Linux, so I don't have (don't want!) any systemd
bloatware around.
I don't have avahi-daemon or similar bloatware installed
This happens with dhclient running or not running.

I'm searching for a way to BLOCK this behaviour.

How can I FORBID this "Zeroconf / RFC3927 / apipa / whatever"
abomination to disrupt my network settings?

Please help me, my only way around this is to tweak the entire connman
source code :(


Thank you everybody! :)

73 de IW9HGS - Gabriele "Asbesto Molesto" Zaverio
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