Connman - handle multiple wifi interfaces

Daniel Wagner wagi at
Tue Jul 2 01:49:43 PDT 2019


On 6/29/19 10:46 AM, Rahul Jain wrote:
> Dear Connman,
> I have a query.
> Can Connman handle multiple wifi interfaces: like wlan0, wlan1 & wlan2 
> and all are powered on?

Yes, ConnMan will manage all interfaces its finding. Though there is one 

> If as per current architecture it is not possible, can you provide any 
> suggestions on how to handle it? Can we duplicate wifi plugin and 
> gsupplicant interface to handle both interface together.?

ConnMan does not expose the devices via D-Bus. That means you can't 
control the individual devices at this point. I have some ideas how we 
could add an API without breaking the existing. Though it's a bit of 
work and I already struggle keeping up with incoming bug reports and 
answering questions. So if someone is willing to do work on such a 
feature let me know.


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