[edk2] SCT bugzilla topic?

Kinney, Michael D michael.d.kinney at intel.com
Sun Dec 9 19:02:57 PST 2018

I can update BZ once there is a clear decision on what is required.


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> Subject: RE: SCT bugzilla topic?
> Supreeth and Leif,
> UEFI-SCT is open source project now, the mantis is not
> proper option. We had better use the Bugzilla as edk2.
> Could the stewards help to create the Edk2 Test Product
> and SCT component if most members want to split test with
> edk2?
> Best Regards
> Eric
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> Subject: RE: SCT bugzilla topic?
> Leif,
> Earlier, we used to use UTWG Mantis (for feature requests
> - https://mantis.uefi.org/mantis/view.php).
> After, UEFI-SCT became Open source, we did discuss to have
> the same infrastructure setup as edk2, which means using
> Bugzilla.
> However, I don't think we have created a SCT component or
> Edk2 Test Product yet.
> Your email reminds me one more task after the SCT
> component / Edk2 Test product is created i.e., to migrate
> over remaining UTWG issues to Bugzilla.
> Once Eric chimes in/agrees, we will request Mike to create
> Edk2 Test Product within Bugzilla.
> Thanks,
> Supreeth
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> Subject: SCT bugzilla topic?
> Hi Eric, Supreeth, Mike,
> I was looking to raise a feature request on UEFI SCT and
> didn't spot such a product. Should we create one?
> Or perhaps we should have an EDK2 Test product with an SCT
> component?
> Regards,
> Leif
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