[edk2] [edk2-test][RFC] Integrating SBBR tests into SCT - A design proposal

Sakar Arora Sakar.Arora at arm.com
Sun Dec 30 22:50:15 PST 2018

Hi All,

Introduction -->

The intent is to run SBBR  tests using SCT infrastructure. This is the SBBR specification link for reference http://infocenter.arm.com/help/topic/com.arm.doc.den0044c/Server_Base_Boot_Requirements_v1_1_Arm_DEN_0044C.pdf

Majority of SBBR requirements can be tested by current SCT code as is. A few more SBBR specific tests are needed to cover complete spec.

Proposal -->

An ideal setup is new SBBR specific code residing in edk2-test master. SCT test infrastructure will run tests for UEFI spec compliance or just SBBR spec compliance based on command line arguments. This would require run time classification of tests.

- Details

Each SCT test provides a list of sub-tests to verify various aspects of the requirement. Each sub-test is assigned some attributes (AUTO, MANUAL, DESTRUCTIVE, or RESET_REQUIRED) which are referred to by the test infrastructure to do pre and post processing for it.

The proposal is to add 2 new attributes SBBR and SBBR_EXCL to the existing set. The test infrastructure will decide whether to run or skip a test based on command line parameters and these new attributes.

- The new attributes

SBBR : Tests with this attribute are required by both SBBR and UEFI.
SBBR_EXCL : Tests with this attribute are required by SBBR exclusively.

- Examples

Shell> Sct.efi -a -sbbr

Would run tests required by SBBR, i.e., tests with attributes SBBR or SBBR_EXCL.

Shell> Sct.efi -a

Would run tests required by UEFI, i.e., all tests excluding those with attribute SBBR_EXCL.

-  SCT test pre-processing flow

The following logic will be added to the pre-processing flow.

       If (!TEST_CASE_FOR_SBBR(TestCaseAttribute))
            goto SkipTest;
} else {
    If (TEST_CASE_FOR_SBBR_EXCL(TestCaseAttribute))
           goto SkipTest;

Comments are welcome.

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