is iwd with connman capable of scanning for available WiFi networks without wpa_supplicant?

Doron Behar doron.behar at
Wed Aug 15 11:32:38 PDT 2018

Hello iwd,

As the title suggest, I was wondering: Using `connmanctl` and `iwd`,
without `wpa_supplicant` (uninstalled), is it possible to issue in
`connmanctl` the command `scan wifi`? I keep getting the error message:

	Error: /net/connman/technology/wifi: Not supported

The [Arch Linux Wiki article about connman][1] says I need to install
wpa_supplicant for that to work. Although I can connect to known wifi
networks even if wpa_supplicant is uninstalled and only iwd is running.

Are there any plans for this functionality to be available with iwd as
well? I'd be very glad to get read of wpa_supplicant once and for all if
this was not a problem for me.



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