[Luv] luvOS v1.0 release

Matt Fleming matt at console-pimps.org
Tue Sep 30 03:56:36 PDT 2014

luvOS v1.0 is finally out there!

You can grab the live image from the usual location,


One thing that you'll notice that's different from previous releases is
that there's now two files contained in a luv-live-v1.0 directory, the
live image and a README. My intention is to use this structure for all
future releases and release candidates.

The following changes were merged since v1.0-rc4,

1. kernel-efi-warnings

This recipe detects whether the firmware has made illegal accesses to
EfiBootServices* regions after ExitBootServices(). In future, this
recipe will detect other bugs reported by the kernel.

2. BITS 1084

We've had a BITS recipe for a couple of -rcs now, but for v1.0 we've
wired up the necessary parts of the boot environment to run the tests

3. sbsigntool recipe

As part of our preparations for secure boot support Ricardo has created
a recipe for the sbsigntool package.

4. More verbose "tests are now complete" message

Some people have reported that it's not entirely clear when the tests
have finished executing. We've now clarified the completion message.

The shortlog of git commits for this release (since v1.0-rc4) is
attached at the end of this mail.

Thanks to everyone that's run the tests so far, please go and try out
v1.0 and report your results.

As always, if you've got any problems, comments or suggestions, please
report them here or at,


Happy testing, share the luv.


Matt Fleming (11):
      grub-efi-native: Enable graphics and chainloader modules
      bits: Install tests and parser
      bits: Add header to config file
      bits: Return control to bootloader on completion
      bits: Update checksums for bits-1084
      bits: Do not direct output to the screen
      luv-live-image: Add bits as a dependency
      luv-live-image: Include boot loader splash screen
      luv-efi.bbclass: A new class for installing boot files
      gnu-efi: Add native support
      recipes-devtools: Add sbsigntool recipe

Ricardo Neri (6):
      kernel-efi-warnings: Introduce a tool to analyze EFI kernel logs
      kernel-efi-warnings: Add a luv-parser
      kernel-efi-warnings: Add a bitbake recipe
      core-image-efi-initramfs: Select kernel-efi-warnings
      sbsigntool: Add missing patch to disable man pages generation
      luv-test-manager: Be more verbose on what do when tests are complete

Matt Fleming, Intel Open Source Technology Center

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