[SPDK] Announcing the SPDK Trello Boards!

Luse, Paul E paul.e.luse at intel.com
Tue Jun 20 18:10:07 PDT 2017

We've started a series of Trello boards to help the community find development activities to either own or participate in.  The link is further below and everyone is welcome to join in. If you don't have a Trello account its super easy (and free) to set one up, once you do just provide your handle on IRC (or the dist list if you don't have IRC yet) and one of us can add you. You don't need an account just to browse...

The idea is simple:
*        There's a board for "Things To Do" that has self-explanatory columns, anyone is free to add items or chat with anyone working on item to see if they can help
*        Each card that isn't totally obvious should have a "blueprint" that describes some very basic elements, mainly looking for "what problem is being solved" and then some basics about the proposed solution. As design/development begins the Trello card is a great place to add more details
*        For more complex features, a card can be expanded into a complete board, you'll see that there already a few such features up there (like logical volumes). Not only are those boards great for further documenting the design, but they're a fantastic way to breakdown the backlog and allow multiple people to collaborate
*        The roadmap currently on the community webpage will eventually have a card or a board for each item there as well.
*        Note that there are also GitHub issues that can be looked at, if their solutions turn into something more than a quick patch Trello is the place to get the ball rolling

Finally, remember that this is a community tool so if you find it valuable please use it and if not please speak up in IRC so we can all work to make it better!


Trello: https://trello.com/spdk
IRC: #spdk on freenode
Webpage: http://spdk.io

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