[SPDK] Fwd: [spdk/spdk] Master Pull request for DPDK and Posix abstraction changes. (#152)

John Meneghini john.a.meneghini at gmail.com
Fri May 5 05:22:00 PDT 2017

Hi Ben.

I agree that commits fbed823 <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/commit/fbed8236facac9833bfd2677b7d76df79cc1c360>, 1bce206 <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/commit/1bce2064db31d44d900f41bab52764dcf65320e8>, edf25e7 <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/commit/edf25e716239ec0051df88207e6f70e474177839> can be dropped.  These were the result of the fact that we are using -Wno-pointer-arith and -Wno-pointer-sign when compiling with clang-3.9.1.   We’ve changed this.  Commit 6ab852f <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/commit/6ab852f9e28d39dc021acbb9a0f0951e6dc933c0> was the result of running lint.  We’ve disabled the process that runs lint on this code so you can drop that SHA as well.

I will review the new pull requests by the end of today.

John Meneghini
john.a.meneghini at gmail.com

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> Subject: Re: [spdk/spdk] Master Pull request for DPDK and Posix abstraction changes. (#152)
> Date: May 3, 2017 at 2:37:14 PM EDT
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> I have so far picked off the following:
> e2ecccb <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/commit/e2ecccb3423c01ac96a2073ab11c413f2e70f1bc> as pull request #153 <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/pull/153>
> 32f27bb <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/commit/32f27bb80026e73b73abd7e7f0eb83e9af81e68a> as pull request #154 <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/pull/154>
> 59072b9 <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/commit/59072b953699628d0447dcf8734473e26807bc26> as pull request #155 <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/pull/155>
> Note that I made significant modifications to each of these commits as I picked them off. Please review on the relevant PRs.
> I also recommend we drop the following commits entirely:
> fbed823 <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/commit/fbed8236facac9833bfd2677b7d76df79cc1c360>, 1bce206 <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/commit/1bce2064db31d44d900f41bab52764dcf65320e8>, edf25e7 <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/commit/edf25e716239ec0051df88207e6f70e474177839> - These are all adding casts but we're intentionally using the GNU C extension to treat void pointers as uint8_t pointers regarding pointer math. If you are unable to change your compiler settings to allow for this, let me know and we'll address it some other way.
> 6ab852f <https://github.com/spdk/spdk/commit/6ab852f9e28d39dc021acbb9a0f0951e6dc933c0> - As far as we can see, this is a false positive from your linter and not an actual problem.
> That accounts for 7 out of 31 of the commits so far. I'll continue to cherry pick and update here.
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