[SPDK] Any idea for SPDK to limit the data transfer speed

Luse, Paul E paul.e.luse at intel.com
Sun May 7 09:49:08 PDT 2017

Hi Xun,

I'm pretty new to SPDK so I'm sure some others will jump in but first I wanted to make sure you saw Ben's email on IRC (attached). We're trying to channel more discussions to IRC as opposed to email but you're, of course, welcome to continue to use the dist list if that's more convenient for you.

Given that SPDK apps are typically given a full core, is it the case that you are trying to implement a basic form of QoS? Also, are you just using the SPDK NVMe driver or are you using other modules as well? As much info as you can provide on your application and what problem you are trying to solve would be great!


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 Hi, Community:

     For one nvme device, if i config SPDK with two partitions, is there any way to limit the transfer speed to a fix speed? I know the kernel has cgroup limit and buffered io limit, if i want to implement this in SPDK, is there a way to archive this?

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