[SPDK] Need help for iSCSI configuration for NVMe disc

Harris, James R james.r.harris at intel.com
Thu May 25 12:08:53 PDT 2017

Hi Kiran,

Can you confirm which SPDK git commit ID you are working from?  Since there have been changes in this transport ID format, I want to make sure I provide you the correct details based on the SPDK version you are using.



From: Kiran Dikshit <kdikshit at cloudsimple.com>
Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 10:50 PM
To: James Harris <james.r.harris at intel.com>
Cc: Storage Performance Development Kit <spdk at lists.01.org>
Subject: Re: [SPDK] Need help for iSCSI configuration for NVMe disc

Hi Harris,

I did try with the TransportID “trtype:PCIe traddr:0000.0a:00.0” Nvme3  option i am still seeing the same issue.

Thank you

On 24-May-2017, at 9:50 PM, Harris, James R <james.r.harris at intel.com<mailto:james.r.harris at intel.com>> wrote:

On May 24, 2017, at 4:10 AM, Kiran Dikshit <kdikshit at cloudsimple.com<mailto:kdikshit at cloudsimple.com>> wrote:

Hi All,

I am trying to configure iSCSI for a NVMe drive and getting the below error’s. I have unbound the NVMe drive from kernel using the setup.sh.

tgt_node.c: 718:spdk_iscsi_tgt_node_construct: ***ERROR*** Could not construct SCSI device
tgt_node.c: 984:spdk_cf_add_iscsi_tgt_node: ***ERROR*** tgt_node1: add_iscsi_target_node error
tgt_node.c:1010:spdk_iscsi_init_tgt_nodes: ***ERROR*** spdk_cf_add_iscsi_tgt_node() failed
iscsi_subsystem.c: 965:spdk_iscsi_subsystem_init: ***ERROR*** spdk_iscsi_init_tgt_nodes() failed
app.c: 404:spdk_app_init: ***ERROR*** spdk_subsystem_init() failed

Below is the section of my iscsi.conf.in<http://iscsi.conf.in> file for reference.

# NVMe configuration options
# NVMe Device Whitelist
# Users may specify which NVMe devices to claim by their PCI
# domain, bus, device, and function. The format is dddd:bb:dd.f, which is
# the same format displayed by lspci or in /sys/bus/pci/devices. The second
# argument is a "name" for the device that can be anything. The name
# is referenced later in the Subsystem section.
# Alternatively, the user can specify ClaimAllDevices. All
# NVMe devices will be claimed and named Nvme0, Nvme1, etc.
# BDF 0000:00:00.0 Nvme0
 BDF 0000:0a:00.0 Nvme3

Hi Kiran,

The format of the NVMe section changed in the last SPDK release, so that we could add support for remote NVMe-oF devices as well.

Can you try the following instead?

 TransportID “trtype:PCIe traddr:0000.0a:00.0” Nvme3

The comment for spdk_nvme_transport_id_parse() in include/spdk/nvme.h describes the format in more detail, including how to specify NVMe-oF targets.



 TargetName disk2
 TargetAlias "Data Disk2"
 Mapping PortalGroup1 InitiatorGroup1
 AuthMethod Auto
 AuthGroup AuthGroup1
 UseDigest Auto
 LUN0 Nvme3
 QueueDepth 64

Thank you
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