[SPDK] An Open, Transparent Patch Submission Process

Walker, Benjamin benjamin.walker at intel.com
Fri May 26 12:13:02 PDT 2017

Hi all,

We're excited to announce a new patch submission process for SPDK utilizing
GerritHub, a hosted code review service integrated with GitHub. All patches,
even from SPDK maintainers, will now use the new process, which means all code
reviews and discussions are now fully open and transparent to everyone. We
encourage everyone, even if you aren't an expert, to review patches and vote
with a +1 or -1! A quick query for all open patches is here (better queries and
dashboard set up are in the guide at the bottom):


Further, the SPDK continuous integration tests are hooked up to GerritHub, which
means that when you submit a patch a whole battery of tests on a wide range of
systems will be run with results reported directly to the code review. You can
view the current status of the continuous integration system at:


A comprehensive guide to the new patch submission process can be found here:


A quick start guide is still in the works.

We're thrilled to open this system up to everyone, giving all community members
access to the same tools the SPDK maintainers have.

The SPDK maintainers
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