[SPDK] SPDK concurrent access

Nabarro, Tom tom.nabarro at intel.com
Tue Oct 2 05:45:08 PDT 2018


Is it correct that 2 processes cannot access SPDK simultaneously, for example

Start 2 terminals (root)
on terminal 1 run nvme_manage example, select #1 to list controllers but don't exit
on terminal 2 run identify example. Result EAL: FATAL: Cannot get hugepage information.
if we end the nvme_manage process then identity completes okay

The context is that I'm using Golang to interact with SPDK (using simple bindings to execute routines similar to the examples) and expected that I could run different tasks (sequentially) from go-routines. Example tasks include firmware update and executing fio workloads with the spdk fio_plugin example. What I'm finding is that even when executed within a go-routine (implemented with ULTs), the necessary resources are not released afterwards and then I can't issue a subsequent spdk task because I receive similar FATAL failures as listed above.

One solution might be to fork separate processes to perform the tasks require and build executables to do so but I don't want to have to resort to that.

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